Crawl Space Solutions

Do you want a HEALTHY HOME? Your crawl space could be making you sick? Crawlspaces are dark, nasty places that none of us care to visit. We would rather pretend that they don’t exist. The biggest myth regarding crawlspaces is the concept, “What is in my crawlspace stays in my crawlspace”. In reality the moisture, mold and bacteria located within your crawlspace can eventually infiltrate the air of your safe and secure home. If left unchecked the moisture in your crawlspace can cause or lead to termite infestation, structural damage, wood rot, mold, bacteria and can stimulate allergic reactions among people and animals.

ESS can perform a free evaluation of your crawl space and design a solution specific to your crawl space based upon the principles of building science. A Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant will oversee the results of the inspection. We guarantee we will solve your crawl space moisture/mold problem or we will give your money back. You have our word and over 1300 satisfied customers to rely on.

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