Crawl Space Moisture Control

CrawlSpace Moisture can be a big problem for our homes in the low country. We at ESS use building science principles to determine what exactly is causing the moisture within your crawl space. There are some signs that may be present within your home that can help you determine if you have a moisture problem within the crawl space of your home. You should check for thefollowing:

  • A musty or mildew type smell detected when initially entering the home or a closed closet.
  • Cupping of the hardwood floors. These floors will rise up slightly during the summer, lay down slightly during the winter, and return to cup even worse during the following summer. This is a continual degrading process.
  • Presence of insulation falling down in the crawlspace.
  • Experiencing unexplained allergic symptoms within your family, which seem to continue for no apparent reason.

In the Low Country, moisture in crawl spaces can be a common problem for several reasons. We often find that it is a combination of three categories that contribute to these moisture problems.

  1. Rain water run-off
  2. Ground water evaporation
  3. Humid outside air infiltration

Several proactive measures can be implemented to help reduce or possibly eliminate the problem of moisture in crawl spaces. The most proactive action is to seal the crawl space, which will save up to 15-20% of the home’s energy consumption. Open crawl spaces can be maintained, but will require constant future maintenance.

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