Ask the Expert

Of the many homes that we have provided service in the South Carolina, and especially in the Low country, we have seen many that suffer from poor moisture management in regards to their crawl spaces. People typically ask about the common symptoms associated with moisture problems. Well, here they are:

  • You may have mold formations or moisture damage in your crawl space or even in your living area.
  • Also, you may experience a musty, moldy or damp odor throughout your home. If so, Contact us today
  • Your air conditioning unit may be overly sweating or producing large amounts of condensation
  • If you have hardwoods, they may have become damaged or warped
  • Unusually high levels of humidity throughout your home
  • Higher than usual insect, spider and pest problems
  • Rotting away of wooden door frames

With the typically humid conditions we experience in the low country, you may have experienced one or more of these symptoms in the past. More often than not, these symptoms are directly correlated to your ability to manage moisture in your crawl space or home.

We here at Environmental Solutions and Service want to help you understand your moisture problem and design a solution that gets at the root of the problem. Our environmental experts can help you find what is driving the solutions and then help you implement a new system that fits you needs and budget. Call us today to find out more.