Air Filtration

Various filter solutions are available and can range from standard filters that go in your return grill to electrostatic filters, to electronic air cleaners, and finally to HEPA filtration systems. It is important to discover which type is best in your situation. Someone who does not suffer from allergies but wants clean indoor air, will probably use a less robust filter than one who suffers from allergies.

See the “Ask the Expert” tab for information on how to know if your filter is right for you, and not harmful to your air conditioning system. Environmental Solutions and Service is available to walk you through these decisions and determine what is best for you. Call the office if you feel you need more than a standard filter and request an evaluation.

ESS is a factory direct distributor of residential and commercial air filters. Our factory connections allow ESS to locate and provide those hard to find sized filters. If you don’t see it ask us and we’ll get it. We provide a larger selection and better quality than those “ big box “ hardware stores. In most cases we can provide you with the filters delivered to your door for less than what you would pay at those “big box” hardware stores. Plus you save the time from having to make a trip to the hardware store. Please go to our site for selection and ordering. Shipping for all of our filters is a one-time, flat rate charge of $6.99 per order.

Don’t know which filter is right for you? What is a MERV rating anyway? Click here for more information in our “Ask the Expert Section”.