Home Environmental Services in Goose Creek

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Are you looking to make your home a better place to live? Maybe someone at home struggles to breathe easily or you’re noticing problems that seem connected to your home’s moisture level or air quality. No matter your reason for calling us, the experts at Environmental Solutions & Service are happy to help. We are certified indoor environment professionals, so we can help you find the solutions you need to make your home a great place to live.

Crawl Space Services

When moisture builds up in your crawl space, all sorts of bad things can happen. We specialize in crawl space moisture control in Goose Creek, SC. We’ll examine your crawl space, run some tests, and let you know what we find.

Many customers choose crawl space encapsulation in Goose Creek, SC. This process seals your crawl space from both the outside environment and from the rest of your house. That way, unwanted moisture can’t get into your crawl space and, if it does, it can’t affect the rest of your house. While this is the most effective method of crawl space moisture control in Goose Creek, SC, we offer other solutions, too.

Your Mold Expert

Mold in your home can be a huge problem! Call in a mold expert from ESS today to test your home for mold and get help mitigating any mold damage we find. We’ll let you know what type of mold we find because different kinds require different solutions. Then we’ll work with you to get rid of any mold in your home and make sure it doesn’t come back!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Not sure if you’re breathing clean air at home? We’ll implement indoor air quality testing in Goose Creek to find out exactly what is going on there. Then, we’ll implement a solution for home air filtration in Goose Creek, so you can breathe easily in your home again. We have all sorts of filtration options, so we’ll match that with your home’s specific air quality problems.

Home Energy Testing

Want to implement home energy saving in Goose Creek but not sure how to do that? Our home energy test in Goose Creek will tell you how much energy you’re wasting and where, so you can find solutions that fit your needs. Our experts will walk you through the home energy test in

Goose Creek so that you understand exactly what we’re looking for. Then, they’ll guide you to solutions for home energy saving in Goose Creek so you can conserve resources and save money, all while going about your everyday tasks.

Whether you’re looking for crawl space encapsulation in Goose Creek, SC, indoor air quality solutions, or help with your home’s energy usage, the experts at ESS would love to help you live better. We’ll come to you quickly, assess your home’s needs accurately, and put time-tested solutions in place to protect you for years to come. Call for your appointment today and we’ll be there to help you soon!