Ask the Expert

When it comes to energy savings in regards to your heating and air conditioning system. It is always important to find where air might be escaping. We are typically asked what are the most common places to lose air or heat within a home?

According to the US department of Energy your home will most commonly lose heat or air in the following places:

  1. Through the Floor over a Crawl Space
  2. Through the Ceiling
  3. Through the Walls
  4. Air Duct Leakage
  5. Fire Place Vents
  6. Plumbing Penetrations
  7. Doors
  8. Window Frames
  9. Exhaust Vents and Fans
  10. Electric Outlets

Whether it is summer or winter, if you are losing heat or cold air, then you are wasting dollars. One of the best ways you can start saving is to caulk, seal, and weatherstrip all of the seams and openings to the outside. Look for openings where you may be losing valuable air or heat, and make sure you seal it appropriately.

We at ESS, would be glad to provide you with a home energy evaluation, where we can help pinpoint problems or gaps in your heating and air system. We can then start building and implementing solutions to help you start saving. Call us today!