Sealed/Encapsulated Crawl Space

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of a sealed crawl space. Well here are some for your reading enjoyment:

Energy Efficiency
Save on your energy bills when you properly control your crawl space. By passively regulating the ambient crawl temperature, you’ll reduce its effect on the temperature inside your home and inside your wallet. The average savings can be up to 15% or more per year over a traditional crawl space.

Structural Longevity
A new house is your greatest opportunity to improve your financial future. Increase the longevity of your investment by protecting the foundation that it’s built on. By keeping pooled water and moisture from collecting around the foundation wall and structures, you’ll eliminate wear and tear on the mechanical systems, concrete, brick and wood within the crawl space.

Ability to Maintain Beautiful Floors
Protect your hardwood floors by equalizing and reducing the moisture levels above and below them. A Sealed Crawl also reduces seasonal moisture fluctuations in the home which negatively affect your floors.

All these benefits add value to your home. Sealing your crawl space makes it more presentable to potential buyers. By proactively controlling the moisture in the crawl space, your inspection will go faster, allowing you to take your house to market sooner with increased value.

Reduced Pests
Sealed crawl spaces can dramatically help your home or office reduce the amount of pests that make their way inside. By eliminating the moisture we reduce the attraction for insects, pests, rodents and snakes.