Crawl Space Solutions in Charleston, SC

ess crawl space encapsulationDo you want a HEALTHY HOME? Did you know that your crawl space could be making you sick? Crawl spaces can be dark, nasty places that none of us care to visit. We would rather pretend that they don’t exist. The biggest myth regarding crawlspaces is the concept that the things in your crawl space will stay in your crawl space.

In reality, the moisture, mold, and bacteria located within your crawl space can eventually infiltrate the air of your safe and secure home. If left unchecked, the moisture in your crawl space can cause or lead to termite infestation, structural damage, wood rot, mold, bacteria and can stimulate allergic reactions among people and animals. That’s why you need to have your crawl space evaluated, so you can determine whether it is affecting you, how it’s doing that, and the best way to stop that from happening.

Crawl Space Inspections

The first step towards having a healthy crawl space it to have the current one inspected. ESS is happy to perform a free crawl space evaluation. These are overseen by Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants who will look for evidence of moisture damage, mold, mildew, and more in your crawl space.

Once we know what is in your crawl space, we’ll be able to design a solution specific to your home, based on the principles of building science. We’ll come up with a plan, let you know what it is, and get it implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Crawl Space Moisture Control

When you live in the low country, moisture can be a huge problem for your home. It can be especially bad in the crawl space, where it can build up for many years without anyone knowing about it. You may notice the following signs and symptoms, which indicate a need for moisture control:

  • Damage to floors, especially hardwood, above the crawl space.
  • Unexplained allergy or other symptoms, which continue regardless of season or pollen.
  • A musty, mildewy smell that doesn’t seem to be coming from anywhere.
  • Insulation falling down for no reason inside your crawl space.

Once we know where the moisture is coming from, we can help you come up with a solution that will keep it outside of the rest of your home. This can help you live better and feel better, and can preserve the value of your home, too.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

One of the best ways to keep the things in your crawl space from making your life more difficult is by encapsulating it, or sealing it off, from the rest of your home. If your inspection indicates that this would be a good idea for your house, our Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant will walk you through what that will mean and how implementing it will help you and your family. If you decide to take that route, we’ll get you on our schedule and get your encapsulation completed fast.

At ESS, we want to help you take your home back from the moisture that can overtake it. Our experts will help you in any way possible. Since most of the country around us is low country, we do a lot of work in crawl spaces. This gives us the experience to be able to guarantee that we will solve your crawl space moisture & crawl space mold problem or we will give your money back. You have our word and that of over 1300 satisfied customers to rely on.

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