Crawl Space Moisture Control

a flooded crawl space | environmental services solutions CharlestonExcess moisture in your crawl space can be a big problem, and it’s especially common when you live in the low country. Several things can cause moisture in the crawl space and, once it’s in, it can be hard to get it out again.

That’s where we come in! At ESS, we have professionals who deal with moisture in the crawlspace all the time. We’ll send someone out to you who, using principles of building science, will check your crawlspace for moisture problems. We’ll let you know what we find, then come up with a crawlspace moisture control solution that will work for you.

Is There Moisture in My Crawl Space?

The best way to determine if you have moisture in your crawl space and if it is causing problems for your home is to have an environmental and building specialist come look at it. Our experts will run a few tests and let you know what we find. You may already know that you have moisture there, though, if you notice any of the following:

● Cupping or bowing of your hardwood floors. They may rise slightly in places during the summer, then lower back down in the winter. Over time, this process degrades the floors and can cause other problems, too.

● A musty or mildewy smell that pervades your home or certain areas of it. You may only smell it when you open a particular closet or cupboard.

● Insulation falling down in your crawl space

● Allergies or other symptoms that don’t have another explanation and never go away

If you are noticing these issues, call us today!

How Does Moisture Get in My Crawl Space?

While moisture can get into any crawl space in any geographic location, it’s more common in the low country than it is elsewhere. We find that most moisture gets inside for one of these reasons.

● Rainwater run-off. Our elevation is so low, especially in homes built at the bottom of hills, that the rain simply has nowhere else to go. The rest of your home may be insulated against it, but it can find a home in your crawl space.

● Groundwater evaporation. Our basements are so low that groundwater evaporates…directly inside many homes.

● Humid outside air infiltration. The air in the low country carries so much moisture that it can cause problems simply by getting trapped inside your crawl space.

Why is Moisture in the Crawlspace a Problem?

Moisture in your crawlspace can cause several problems:

  • Mold or mildew growth in your home. Mold and mildew love to live where it’s moist or damp. If you have any excess moisture in your crawlspace, it can become a breeding ground for these fungi. They can then damage your home or cause illness for the people who live there.
  • Wood rot. Over time, moisture can damage the wood that serves as part of the foundation of your home. If you have wood rot problems, you need to some crawlspace moisture control fast!
  • Unwanted pests. Mice, insects, rats, and more can be drawn to water, especially in dry seasons. If you have moisture in your crawlspace, you may have more of these pests, too.

What Causes Moisture Problems in the Crawlspace?

There are a few common causes when people have moisture problems in their crawlspace:

  • Groundwater evaporation
  • Rainwater run-off
  • Humid air infiltrates from outside

Here in the low country, we find that moisture problems are usually a result of a combination of two or more of these issues.

How Can I Fix My Crawlspace?

Our experts can craft a crawlspace solution that is right for you and your home, depending on a few factors, like the size of your crawlspace, the reasons why you are having moisture problems there, the way your home is built, and more.

The most proactive way of achieving crawlspace moisture control is to seal the crawl space. This can also be called crawlspace encapsulation. We will install a barrier all the way around your crawlspace, which effectively keeps moisture and pests out. If necessary, we can install a dehumidifier in your crawlspace, or your entire home, to keep moisture levels down.

Crawlspace encapsulation doesn’t just solve your moisture problems, but it can also save you money on energy costs. Many people find that they use 15-20% less energy after we seal the crawlspace because so much energy escapes the home that way.

If you’re not ready to seal your crawlspace, we can still maintain it. However, you will have constant maintenance requirements if you want to keep the moisture out.

Concerned about moisture in your crawlspace? Call us at ESS today! We will send out a building expert to test your home, let you know what we find, and design a solution specific to your needs.