Air Quality Testing

At ESS we routinely perform indoor air quality testing to determine if a problem exists or not. Visual inspections and pre-screening of the home or business can be conducted using advanced equipment such as a air particle counter, moisture meter, CO, CO2, humidity and temperature meter. Advanced inspections may even include the use of a thermal imaging camera to identify temperature changes or non-visible areas of moisture intrusion. Based on the results of the inspection, air samples may be needed to confirm a problem exists. These samples should not be taken without validation from the equipment and visual inspection that a potential problem may exist. With the results of the inspection, ESS is able to prove the property has a problem or is clean. Based on the results we will be able to determine the cause, evaluate the problem, suggest corrective action and give recommendations to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.

Most people needlessly spend money on duct cleaning or other remedies only to have the problem reappear because they did not find the source of the problem. Finding the problem will give you the information you need to adequately remedy the situation so your money is not wasted on possible, but improbable solutions. There is a scientific explanation for the problem identified which can be evaluated by a Certified Indoor Environmental consultant (CIEC).

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