Air Duct Cleaning

before and affter air duct cleaning

Did you know that air duct cleaning can improve your quality of life and even your health? Some people think that having their ducts and vents cleaned isn’t necessary unless something goes significantly wrong with the HVAC system. However, it’s actually something that everyone can benefit from, no matter where you live or the age of your home.

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Ducts

Are you unsure as to whether your home needs the air ducts cleaned? If any of these are true for you, it’s probably time to call us at Environmental Solutions and Service and get on our schedule soon.

  • It’s been over a year since you had your ducts cleaned, or you don’t know when they were last cleaned. Dust and debris can build up in your HVAC system fast! That’s why most manufacturers recommend that you change your air filter every 30-90 days. If you’ve ever done that, you know just how much nasty stuff it pulls out of your air. It can’t get everything out, though, so you should clean your vents to remove the rest from your system.
  • You are having allergies or asthma. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, air duct cleaning can be a lifesaver. Pull as many of the allergens out of your system as possible so you can breathe easier and stay healthier. Cleaning ducts can reduce eye irritation, sinus congestion, coughing, headaches, sore throats, and more!
  • Your home is dusty. Removing all of the dust from your house might be impossible, but you can at least keep your HVAC system from adding more and generally spreading it around. If dust drives you crazy or you feel like you are dusting every week or so, it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned.
  • You are paying more than you want in utility bills. If your utility bills have gone up and you’ve had your HVAC system serviced, it’s time to think about cleaning your ducts. Did you know that a 0.042 inch of buildup in your system can reduce efficiency by up to 21%? And that same amount of dust on your system’s fan can reduce energy efficiency by up to 50%! That’s quite a bit more energy that you are using – and paying for! – than you should be. Clean your air ducts and reduce your energy bills again!

Many of us worry quite a bit about the pollution we are exposed to outside, but we don’t think a lot about the pollution we experience inside our homes. Your home should be your refuge, your safe place, not a place that makes you sick or gets you down. If you feel like your home might have poor air quality, give us a call. We’ll send out an expert to assess the problem, even testing your air for contaminants if there is any question. Then, we will get your air ducts cleaned fast, so you don’t have to suffer at home anymore!

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